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Residential Roof Replacement Central Florida

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Roof replacement is a significant investment for your home. Choosing a reliable roof replacement contractor is the answer to getting the job done right. Many roofing problems originate from unprofessional substandard installation. Here at J and M Roof, we’re experienced roof replacement contractors, and we don’t take short cuts. At J and M Roof our clients have the peace of mind that their new roof will be high quality, energy efficient, and last for many years.

J and M Roof stays current and up to date on the roof construction codes for your local municipality. We also handle the entire roof construction permitting process from start to finish.

Here is a brief summary of how J and M Roof will professionally replace your roof:

1. We handle the entire permitting process, so you don’t have to.

2. Next we’ll meet with you to discuss the optimum location for the dump trailers or roll off containers for removing the old roof materials.

3. Then we remove all of the old existing roofing material. This includes removal of all the shingles and tar paper. At J and M roof we don’t recommend installing new shingles over old roof covering either.

4. We remove all old roof valley aluminum, edge flashing, and drip edge from the roof.

5. Once the roof is clean, we inspect it closely for loose, rotten, or damaged wood and replace it accordingly.

6. Next we clean the roof again and then install new tar paper / water shield to dry the roof in.

7. All new roof valley aluminum, edge flashing, drip edge, and roof vents are installed.

8. Any hurricane roof tie downs that are required by code are installed.

9. Then the new roof shingles, tile, or metal roofing is installed and the cap fitted to finish.

10. J and M Roof then applies for the final roof inspection and obtains the final acceptance by the municipality.

11. We provide you with all the warranty documentation and invoicing for submittal to your insurance company.

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