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Roofing Services

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When you choose J&M Roofing Services Inc. for your residential roofing needs, I'll personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction and see to it that all of your expectations are met and exceeded.

J&M Roofing Services provides the following comprehensive Longwood Roofing services:

J&M Roofing Services is the local leader for Longwood and Orlando Roofing and Roof Repair. We've been providing roofing services in the Longwood and Orlando area for over 30 years. We replace and repair all kinds of Roofing including asphalt shingle roofs, membrane roofs, metal roofs, and flat roofs. We're your local, family-owned Longwood and Orlando Roofing contractor. J & M Roofing services all of Longwood and Orlando surrounding communities.

All of the related paperwork and permitting for your new roof replacement or repair is handled for you by J&M Roofing Services. We stay up to date on all the latest roof permitting requirements, building codes, and guidelines for the city of Longwood and Orlando. J&M Roofing Services will meet with the city or county roof inspector for your final roof inspection. We handle the permitting hassle - so you don't have to.

When considering your options for Longwood and Orlando Roofing remember that only an experienced crew with considerable experience should install your roof. J&M Roofing Services believes that craftsmanship, ventilation, nailing, tar paper, and shingle alignment, can and will directly affect the finished waterproof quality and life of the roof. J&M Roofing Services clearly follows all manufacturer's guidelines and instructions to make sure your roof lasts for the entire life of the shingle.

We also specialize in Longwood and Orlando Roof Repair. Any type of roof leak is a major nuisance for many homeowners. And while finding a leak can occasionally be relatively simple, others can be quite frustrating depending on location and weather conditions. The majority of all roofs and roof coverings operate using the simple concept of gravity. This can be quite helpful in locating the source of a roof leak. However, horizontal roof boards can be challenging to locate a roof leak on. An actual leak maybe 12 or 15 feet sideways from where you see the wet spot in the attic or ceiling areas. J&M Roofing Services' 30 plus years of experience have trained us to identify every possible type of roof leak or related roof repair in Florida. We repair leaking shingles, valley leaks, vent leaks, headwall flashing leaks, chimney leaks, plumbing vent leaks and many more.